Officially, Blackout Rule… It’s Not Coming Back in 2016

ap_roger_goodell_mt_140911_16x9_992Last season, the NFL suspended the controversial blackout rule that required local television stations to blackout games in their markets that weren’t sold out. At the time of the announcement, NFL fans weren’t sure if it was going to be temporary or permanent. Now that the NFL announced that the suspension will continue in the 2016 season, NFL fans can relax and continue their NFL football betting.

In an article, SportsBusiness Journal’s Daniel Kaplan wrote that NFL owners voted at the annual owner’s meeting to extend the suspension for the upcoming season. The owners didn’t make a decision to make the suspension permanent, but the suspension of the blackout rule for another year gives NFL fans hope that the blackout rule will eventually be dropped entirely.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters that the league wanted to take another year to review the rule. The commissioner feels that another year will allow owners to make an informed decision on either scrapping the blackout rule entirely or reinstating the rule, which requires all the non-premium seats at a home team’s stadium to be sold 72 hours before kickoff.

Kaplan noted that there was no blackout in the league during the 2014 season, and two blackouts during the 2013 season. Last year, after the blackout rule was suspended, attendance only dropped by 0.5 percent. The slight drop in attendance indicates that NFL fans are still willing to go watch their favorite team play at the stadium even if the team isn’t very good.

Even if attendance dips further in 2016, it will be hard for the league to bring back the blackout rule without upsetting the fans. A decision to bring back the rule will also be crucified by the media, who already have the league in their cross hairs due to the concussion and discipline problems the NFL currently face.

The best option the NFL has in this situation is to announce they will permanently discontinue the blackout rule.

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The 2015 NFL Schedule: 10 takeaways with

On Tuesday night, the schedule for the 2015 NFL season was finally released. Before that, all we knew were the opponents for every team but we never had the exact dates for the games. You can now mark all the important games on your calendar and you can also find out what team has the easiest 2015 NFL betting schedule. From the information we have at hand currently, the following are the important takeaways from this year’s NFL slate.

The Patriots are loving their schedule

The Patriots, who will be looking to defend the Super Bowl, get to kick off the season at home against the Steelers. Yes, this might appear tough on paper but it actually is a bit easier for the Patriots given that Le’Veon Bell will not be available for the Steelers due to suspension and much of the defense already retired this off season.

It’s a tough season for the Steelers

We can comfortably say that the Steelers have been hit by the hardest schedule this year. They will face the 49ers, and then the Rams followed by the Ravens, Chargers, Cardinals, and Chiefs then the Bengals in that order. There is no easy game there as they will have the Raiders next in line with whom they really don’t have a good record against. By week 11 they will be making a push for the playoffs as week 12 will see them face the Seattle, Colts, Bengals, Broncos then the Ravens.

Thanksgiving gift for Brett Favre

Finally, the Packers get an opportunity to honor Brett as they take on the Bears at home on thanksgiving night. This is just perfect as after waiting for so long, they can at last hold the ceremony they have been longing for.

Boring Week 3

Forget NFL action for week 3; by all means do something else. These are the games we have then; Broncos-Lions, Bills-Dolphins, Eagles-Jets and Patriots-Jaguars. Anything exciting here? Not really.


The Eagles will be interesting to watch

If you are enjoying the offseason Eagles, then the regular season will blow your mind away. They get to face the Cowboys, the Jets then the Washington giving us an exciting first month. In the final weeks of the season, the Eagles will play the Patriots which means that the pundits will have so much to talk about the Eagles throughout the season.

Not a bad schedule for the Falcons

The cumulative winning percentage for Pittsburgh’s opponents last year was .578 while it was .409 for Falcon’s opponents making Atlanta seem to have an easy looking schedule. With the England’s schedule ranked as the 22nd toughest, we surely can’t compare it with an Atlanta’s easy schedule. There is really nothing to keep the Patriots away from the playoffs but the Falcons will have to work harder and the good looking schedule is also a big plus for them.

The worst ever schedule for the Jaguars

First, we all know the famous 6 tough games for the Jaguars against the Titans, Texas, and the two matches against the Colts, then AFC East and NFC South. In addition to this, imagine this home schedule for the Jaguars; Panthers, Dolphins, Texans, Bills, Titans, Chargers, Colts then the Falcons. That will surely be tough.

Other highlights

There are other three things to look forward to. First, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady will battle for the best quarterback honors. Secondly, Mariota and Winston might face each other for the season opener as the Buccaneers and the Titans start off the season by facing each other. Lastly, the Packers will have the chance to replay their NFC playoff games.



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Some of the Best Political Betting Odds

Betting is more popular among people and they like to bet for anything. It is one of the most interesting games which are playing from the ancient days. People can bet for lot of things the reason for betting may be simple or it may be very serious. There is lot of betting are available for people and depends on the mood of the people they will place bets. Many people like to place betting in sports activities where they can earn more amount of money. In homes, school and colleges students will place bet on silly things but in sports betting people will place bet on their favorite sports and they will earn huge amount if they win in the betting.

Most interesting political betting

Not only for sports or silly things many people like to bet of political events. In many countries there is more number of parties are participating in elections and people who are placing bet on particular party and if the party win the election they will get a huge amount. Many people place bet on individual political leader and tell they will lose the election or won the election. And some people like to bet on big political leader who are standing for Prime minister or chief minister election. They will place bet that the leader will become the next prime minister or they will lose the election. This type of betting is between political people and sometime normal people like to place bet on political leaders.

More parties in political will make the betting interesting

In some countries there are only two parties will participate in the election? One is the ruling party and the other is the opposing party. People like to place bet that the opposite party will win the election and there will be change in the country or sometime they will place bet that the ruling party will win in the election and they will continue their ruling. In country like India there is lot of parties and there is lot of confusion for people t o whom they need to vote. And people who are interest in betting can place bet of different parties and how much vote will every party get. It is easy for people to know about the political betting odds .

Many people will follow the leaders and it is easy for them to place betting on leaders that they will win the election. In sometime big leaders it loses the election so anything may happen in election and betting. Not only betting is luck favor game, political also a luck favor game. People who have luck on particular election will win. If they do not have luck they will lose the election. People who are interest in placing bet and like to earn money from betting can choose any type of betting. In political they can place bet on lot of leaders and if luck favors them they can win in the betting and earn more money.



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Boxing Hard Men

Boxing is one of the toughest sports in the business, as well as being one of the most popular sports with Unibet betting fans, and so if you can put together an impressive run of victories then you deserve to be mentioned in this article.

Here are some of the most memorable unbeaten streaks in the toughest sport in the world.

#1 Joe Calzaghe

Joe Calzaghe is a former WBO, IBF, WBC and WBA champion from South Wales who retired in 2009 after successfully defending his world titles on 21 occasions in a career that saw him win 46 out of his 46 fights with 32 coming by way of knockout.

#2 Roberto Duran

Between losses to Esteban De Jesus in 1972 and Sugar Ray Leonard in 1980, Duran won 41 straight fights. Now that’s what we call I good rate of fighting.

#3 Rocky Marciano

Although the critics will say that Rocky Marciano’s opponents weren’t the toughest eggs to crack, people will still point to his 49-0 record as something special, and who are we to disagree?

#4 Floyd Mayweather

The modern day box office hit still has an incredible 44-0 record, and given the toughness of the standards these days that’s no mean feat, but we would all love to see if that record would stand up in a brawl with Manny Pacquiao?

#5 Julio Cesar Chavez

Now here is a man who can fight.

Julio Cesar Chavez was a three-division world champion that ran his record to 87-0 before finally losing out to Pernell Whitaker for the first loss of his career.

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Eric Langill, Mets Bullpen Catcher Hit Hard By Media Firestorm After Arrest

If you Google “Eric Langill baseball”, you won’t find articles about his professional sports career as the New York Mets bullpen catcher. Instead, you’re likely to find dozens and dozens of hyped up take down pieces about his embarrassing arrest last year in March of 2012.

Apparently our collective digital memories are really good at remembering gossip, and really bad at recording personal achievements of those who occupy the spotlight— especially when it comes to pro athletes. Ultimately, Langill was charged with driving under the influence and property damage, and once the story hit the mainstream press, the snowball of sensationalism began, and this Canadian-born ballplayer’s online reputation was officially ruined.

An initial story from ESPN reported that, “According to the affidavit from the arresting officer, Langill’s white Honda Accord crashed into a concrete fountain in the center of a traffic circle and flipped over at approximately 11:25 p.m. ET Sunday.” The fact that his car flipped over seemed to sound especially juicy because the next newswire that picked up the story, NYDailyNews featured this detail in their headline: “NY Mets bullpen catcher Eric Langill flips car, charged with DUI by Florida police according to report.”

While getting busted for a DUI is probably not the best way to kick off your first season with a major league baseball team, you almost can’t help but feel bad for guy. The press has certainly done their absolute best to make sure Langill will forever be remembered as that newbie who tossed back a few too many at the party and crashed into a fountain.

While many would insist that driving drunk is a serious criminal offense that shouldn’t be ignored—let alone condoned by the public, should a slip up like this carry so much weight that leaves a permanent scarlet letter on someone’s career? Is it possible to have such an epic fall from grace, and then turn it around and make people love you again? Maybe. But unfortunately for a bullpen catcher who struggled for years to make it to the major leagues in the first place, and is pigeon-holed as a “career minor-leaguer” that moment will most likely go down as his 15 minutes of fame. To Langill, I offer him some PR advice: Pull some crazy—yet family friendly—stunt so reporters will write about something other than your infamous drunken car flip. Might help clean up those unflattering search results in Google!

What do YOU think? Does Langill deserve to continue to have his reputation ruined for this DUI conviction that took place over a year ago? Do you think there should be an easier way for athletes and celebrities to manage their online reputations?


Author byline: Jessica Ruane is a San Diego blogger who covers sports, crime, and celebrities.

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The Dickey Problem

The New York Mets are pushing onwards in their pursuit to get the very best loot possible for beginning bottle R.A. Dickey, and their newest top target is Kansas Urban area Royals elite outfield prospect Wil Myers. ESPN New York  Adam Rubin is stating that the Mets are still incredibly considering including the soon-to-be 22-year-old prospect from Kansas Urban area in a prospective profession delivering Dickey to the Royals or even bet on the Super Bowl in 2013.

Splitting time in Double-A and Triple-A last period, Myers drove in nearly 110 runs with a monstrous.600 slugging percentage and also 37 home runs to opt for a. 314 batting average. He is debatably the best hitting prospect in softball and has all the tools to be an upper-class hitter in this game with his power and capability to strike to all industries. Myers’s pitch recognition is additionally something that is worthy of appreciation.

A prospective trade involving Myers for Dickey really isn’t the only thing the Royals and also Mets are talking about, due to the fact that the Mets greatest demand this offseason is bullpen support. They have actually been definitely going over a bargain to get a reducer from the Royals, however it is unclear just how talks have actually progressed in this regard.

The Royals have actually made it apparent that they aren’t willing to component ways with Myers effortlessly, given his huge plethora of prospective and incredible striking capacity. However I would certainly bet they would certainly be willing to review a deal with the Mets when it entails a pitcher the quality of Dickey, even if the Royals will considerably rather trade a loot of less-heralded customers.


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METS: I’m just sayin’

I’m up early hacking away at my new politcs blog. A glmpse at ESPN NY informed me of RA Dickey’s performance last night.

The Mets are six games back in the lost column from the wild card frontrunner. Pelfrey had his best start in two months last time out. Santana was the best guy on the field this week. Dickey’s been that way all year. Niese is really good and it’s clearly a good idea not to have traded him. Sure we need a fifth starter, but maybe Pat Misch will provide that and we can leave Takie in the bullpen.

Beltran’s back and had the key hit in the game last night. His return has essentially served to be a mid-season acquisition of a big bat for the middle of the line-up. It could turn out not letting go of Frenchy will turn out ok if we leave him or whomever plays RF in the 7 hole.

Jerry’s gotta stay with Tejeda at 2nd though. Our record is too good with him in there. He’d be guilty of over managing if he tries to keep Castillo happy at this point.

Yes, K-Rod’s a loose cannon. The assault of anyone in the family room in front of children reveals someone who needs help. Bobby Ojeda was right. What role he’ll be able to play the rest of the season is in doubt and remains the biggest question mark.

All the nonsense aside, there’s still evidence that something can still happen.

I’m just sayin’.

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Practical State

is my new blogging home. I’m Umpire at Practical State

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Obama Takedown of the Day

From Paul Rahe:

With regard to domestic affairs, he seems not to have recognized that, under our Constitution, it is the President of the United States who represents the national interest; that Congressmen more often than not cater to particular interests; that, if legislation is left to the latter, principle tends to give way to patronage; and that the result can be a profound embarrassment. And so he stood idly by while Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the like drafted legislation – a so-called “stimulus bill” and healthcare reform, each more than a thousand pages in length, each embodying a multitude of corrupt bargains, each threatening to bankrupt the country. And, like a political hack, faithful to his party to the bitter end, he promoted and signed their handiwork.

All of this was obvious long ago, and it was evident as well that, if there were a real crisis, he would check out. This is what he did when Major Nidal Malik Hassan gunned down thirteen Americans at Fort Hood. This is what he did when Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab nearly brought down a jetliner at Christmas time. And this is what he did when Faisal Shahzad was found to have planted a bomb in Times Square. All three cases revealed an egregious failure of our intelligence apparatus. In all three cases, the danger had its source in developments within Islam And, in the face of all of this, the President of the United States signaled that he could hardly bear to take a few minutes off from his vacation at the beach in Hawaii, cancel a party or two, or give up his golf game to acknowledge and address the failures of his administration, and at no time has he been willing to level with us about the source of our peril.

And why Obama CAN be held accountable for the oil spill:

The oil spill that began in the Gulf of Mexico on 20 April is the latest example. Some say that President Obama is no more responsible for the spill than President Bush was for Hurricane Katrina. This claim is, in fact, untrue. Bush had nothing to do with Katrina. Barack Obama, as President, was responsible for insuring that the regulatory agencies overseeing the drilling operations did their job properly. While campaigning for the presidency, he charged that the Bush administration had, in effect, allowed the oil industry to regulate itself, and he promised that, if he were elected, he would set things right. During that campaign, he took a wad of cash from folks at BP (more than they had ever given any other candidate); and, when the time came to reform the Minerals Management Service, as Tim Dickinson has shown in fine detail in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, the new administration’s appointees did nothing of the sort.

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