The day’s silly story

For some reason Juan Gonzales of the NY Daily News thinks that it was somehow unseemly for the Yankees to hold their people accountable for the incidentals they had on the road.

What alot of crap.

Players, the manager, coaches and trainers recieive a significant amount of meal money per day in cash prior to a road trip. This is to cover such expenses.  For as long as the game has been played everyone has been expected to pay their own incidentals when on the road. 

Most folks leave a credit card at the front desk. But alot just leave it on the bill and expect the club to deduct it. I’m doubtful that a single person-including Torre-was the least bit upset that the ballclub took money out of their check for this. 

I also found nothing unusual about Torre’s desire to stay seperate from the players. This is routine as well.

This is a poor job by the News’ editors on this one and is really a cheap hit job that has no basis for indignation whatsoever.

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This post was written by bobsikes on October 21, 2007

Hello, friends…..and about our Mets

Its been so long-seems as if a lifetime best measures. For me life has been indescribably hectic with the return of my world as a teacher and full-time athletic trainer for our football team at Crestview High School. But its good. Somehow more real that many things I’ve done in my life.

Every year I start back teaching I realize how lucky I am…and have been. For most of my adult life I’ve been able to make a living at something I felt was an identity. Not just a job. When working for a PT outfit became a job, I got out.

I’m getting older, too. This morning as old family friends visit from Chicago I realized I only need to teach for 15 more years then I can-for me anyhow-comfortably retire. The generous work of old friends Ron Darling and David Cone to get assistant trainers on the MLB Players pension netted me two years in the system. Not nearly that much, but a nice little supplement to my teacher’s pension. Life will be ok.

Its not always that way though. Stress prompted by the same pressures you all have is part of my life. I’m often down to loose change at the end of the month and have rediscovered Ramean Noodles.

So when my compueter crashed last month, out went the blogging. I’ve missed it, but maybe the obssessive compulsive in me made it too much a part of my life. The break has been good. Today I hack away on my mom’s computer. Perhaps tomorrow, too.

At any rate, about those Mets.

Unlike the folks that run the Yankees, I would not have been disappointed with play-off failure by the Mets. Even getting swept in the first round wouldn’t have shaken me. I really believed in the 2006 club much more than this one. But the collapse at the end was too bear and was a demonstration of many personal failures. Not so much by those in uniforms, but by the suits that run the place.

Whe Frank Cashen dismissed Sam Perlozzo and Bill Robinson after the 1989 season, he emasculated Davey and was one of the events that lead to the end of the era. When Omar Minaya fired Rick Down during the season, its served in the same manner. The act immediately weakened Willie Randolph’s clubhouse cred. By most observations the addition of Ricky Henderson was a disaster. The September slide might well have been turned by a manager who’d clearly been in  charge.

But sadly, Randolph isn’y really in charge anymore. If reports are accurate that Omar Minaya and his staff are in the clubhouse far too often and throwing their weight around, its a problem.  Many feel that Down’s ouster was an appeasement by Minaya to a few on the players who did not like the hitting instructor’s style. This by itself is fine, but a move during the season is and always has been a bad idea. And it was here.

Minaya has made this club more about him with his clubhouse medling and heavy handed moves. Much of the energy that prompted the slide came from Minaya. Any success less than a World Series appearance next year will signal that Minaya’s style isn’t working.

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This post was written by bobsikes on October 20, 2007