POLITICS: Pelosi and Hoyer for Ending Talk Radio

Thats what it will mean if the Fairness Doctrine is reactivated. Rick Moran has more.

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This post was written by bobsikes on July 31, 2008

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POLITICS: With Obama, its the perception that counts

Jennifer Rubin provided this interesting observation today from a republican strategist:

Republican strategist Glen Bolger said candidates must tread carefully to look presidential without coming off as presumptuous. “His campaign has made the strategic decision that they have to make voters believe the candidate has already won,” Mr. Bolger said. “The risk in that is that there is a fair amount of hubris.”

If Bolger is correct, many of the moves that the Obama campaign has made – the Berlin speech, the meetings in Washington this week, the naming of a transition team – are based on the theory that you are what you appear to be.

I believe Bolger’s right and the Obama campaign is counting on enough voters deciding on Obama based on the fawning fluff of MSM coverage.

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METS: Jon Niese Excellent in AAA Debut

See Toby Hyde’s Mets Minor League Blog

Few of the experts are mentioning the Mets doing anything. With the emergence of Jon Niese as ML ready, it looks like the Mets might look to him this season if he is needed. Without question next season,but he will not be dealt.

I find the talk of Scott Schoeneweis’ inclusion in trade talks curious as I thought the club was looking for bullpen help.

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This post was written by bobsikes on July 31, 2008

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METS: Buster Olney says, “Maybe its Jarrod Washburn” Maybe its even more

In ESPNs trade deadline blog, Buster Olney says:

Baseball executives love the mental challenge of piecing together the trade deadline puzzle, and I heard this interesting speculation — and that’s all it is, speculation — from an executive with a team that is not involved in the Jarrod Washburn conversation: With the Mets now perhaps in need of a starting pitcher (in the aftermath of the MRI planned for John Maine), wouldn’t Washburn be a great fit for the Mets?

Washburn is a gritty pitcher, he usually gives six tough innings and he’d be pitching in a big ballpark. And because he’s under contract for 2009, he would give the Mets some depth protection; Pedro Martinez and Oliver Perez are eligible for free agency after this season.

The Mariners had indicated to the Yankees, in those corroded talks between the teams, that they were willing to eat a lot of Washburn’s 2008 salary but that the Yankees would have to pay the lefty’s 2009 salary. If the Mariners made a similar arrangement with the Mets and got a prospect in return, there could be a fit. And, as the executive noted, dealing Washburn to the Mets instead of the crosstown Yankees might be viewed as a victory of some sort in the Seattle front office and would allow Mets general manager Omar Minaya to let his fan base know: We got this guy the Yankees wanted.

“It’s a natural fit for those two teams,” the executive mused.

This speculation makes sense. But something else to consider as well is that the Mets have expressed interest in two other Mariners – Raul Ibanez and Arthur Rhodes. Could this be why the Yankees were not able to get Washburn as easily as had been expected? Has Omar Minaya been working on the Mariners for three players? Stay tuned.

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METS: While We’re Talking Next Year……..

Next years team will look little like this one. Significant salary will be off the books in Carlos Delgado, Pedro Martinez, Moises Alou and Orlando Martinez. A move into a new stadium will not be done with an also ran team, so whats to happen?

The Mets could look to enterin war the bidding war that will certainly occur in attempting to acquire Mark Teixeira. Can you imagine if its a three-way battle royal that also included the Yankees and Angels?

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METS: Niese Being Fast Tracked

Jon Niese’s promotion to AAA New Orleans is a possible signal he’s being fast-tracked for starts this season for the Mets. Niese is scheduled to start tonight for the Zephyrs.

As the MRI of John Maine’s shoulder revealed a strain in his rotator cuff, its likely he will miss at least a start. The Mets may indeed even DL him. Pedro Martinez continues to be a shaky alternative for scheduled starts. The Mets may have concluded that their best acquisition could be Jon Niese.

Both Martinez (last contract year) and Oliver Perez (free agent) will likely be gone after this season. The discussions that occur between powers that be have probably concluded now that Niese is one of their best options for the rotation and maybe he’s going to be needed this season.

So it looks as if Jon Niese will not and cannot be dealt. Along with Fernando Martinez, Niese represents the future and the badly needed chance for the Mets to get younger. Unless a Raul Ibanez or Randy Winn can be acquired for a secong tier prospect, the Mets will play with this hand and pray that the corner OF tandum of Fernando Tatis, Endy Chavez and Nick Evans (2-4, 2 runs scored last night against a lefty last night) continues to provide as it has.

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POLITICS: “I have become a symbol…..”

In my Mets days, guys used to hate giving interviews that they knew would be heard in the clubhouse. Any use of a personal pronoun in their statement would be mocked in unison, “I, Me, Me, I, Me, Me, I……”

So if we are to believe WaPo’s Dana Milbank, Obama said this yesterday when speaking to congressional democrats:

Inside, according to a witness, he told the House members, “This is the moment . . . that the world is waiting for,” adding: “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.”

Dem operatives are out spinning now and saying that the quote was taken out of context. Some like the one who appeared on Fox moments ago attempted to change the subject by running out the false claim that McCain had attempted to land a helicoptor on an oil rig during a hurricane. McCain cancelled his visit to an oil platform over a day in advance because of safety issues. Nevermind the fact that the rig was going to be evacuated. Hysterical dem hacks are notorious for making false claims on TV.

To draw the parallel with major league players again, when the freshly interviewed player returned to the hooting lockeroom, he’d often be asked if he’d been reading his own press clippings too much.

Perhaps this is what Obama is doing. Intoxicated by roaring masses and a largely fawning press, Obama is now personifying what he’s been criticized for becoming – the messianic figure. The use of “I”, even in a meeting with colleagues, is troubling in the manner in which it was applied. No matter what context.

Nontheless, a great unswoon is underway. With the startling critical editorial from the Washington Post’s Richard Cohen yesterday was just another example that with 97 days left the media may not be as in the tank for Obama as some have observed.

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POLITICS: Defeating Jack Murtha

…got a boost in 1100 donars who read Michelle Malkin’s July 23 column in NRO. Army Lt. Col. Bill Russell is still on active duty until Augsut 1st. He hits the ground running with three scheduled appearances the first two days. In the mean time, his wife Kasia is appearing on his behalf.

Here’s Bill’s web site: Russell Brigade

Russell is running for the US Congressional Seat in Pennsylvania’s 12th District. It is located in the southwest corner of the state.

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POLITICS: Linking Obama, Pelosi and Reid on Drilling

Writing in The Corner, Larry Kudlow continues to make his case supply-side economic principles rule the price we pay at the pumps. Kudlow point to another $3 drop in the price of a barrel of oil as evidence. His reasoning is supported by the fact that just talking about increasing the supply of oil has caused prices to drop – again. Says Kudlow:

Isn’t it funny that news reports this morning showing that Sen. Harry Reid will in fact allow a drill, drill, drill amendment to come to the Senate floor seem to have triggered a $3 drop in oil to less than $122 a barrel. Is this a coincidence? I don’t think so. More like cause-and-effect.

Oil traders aren’t stupid. There are a dozen Democrats in the Senate who will vote for drilling, and that means future energy supplies will rise. Coupled with falling oil demand, especially by motorists, that means lower prices. Even unleaded gas futures are now dropping to less than $3 a gallon. Add in a buck for local and state taxes on average, and pump prices will drop to under $4 a gallon.

So I guess those horrible oil speculators are not so horrible anymore. Since President Bush launched his drilling-moratorium offensive oil prices are down almost $30.

But Kudlow goes further and speaks to the potential in a winning issue for John McCain and the republicans in November.

Even in the House, where Nancy Pelosi wants to save the planet, political pressures are building for a series of votes to expand drilling. Republicans are now linking Obama to Pelosi and Reid as the cause of high oil prices and the economic downturn. This is good politics and good economics.

Republicans in congress are not budging on what are at-best half measure stop gaps and it is unlikely any legislation will pass before the August recess. Democrats won’t be able to demagogue here as they have in the past as many of their MSM allies are off the kool-aid about drilling. So McCain and the republicans will have their issue and one which they can easily take to the voters.

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METS: Someone Finally Says to Go Get Manny

Long time NY area sportswriter, Joe McDonald, says the Mets should get Manny Ramirez.

With the Red Sox possibly looking to move the perennial All-Star, now is the time for Minaya to strike and bring the Washington Heights native back to the city to finish his career. It’s obvious the Mets need and outfielder – and some bullpen help as well – and the 36 year-old fills the bill nicely. He will slot right into the middle of the lineup, taking the pressure away from Carlos Delgado – who will cool down eventually – while allowing Carlos Beltran to assume the role he is better suited – a very talented secondary option, where the weight of the team is not his shoulders.

Ramirez will make the Mets a complete lineup which can go toe-to-toe with the Phillies nine on any given night and will give the team the extra runs, so the bullpen meltdowns are kept to a minimum. Even at this advanced age, the slugging outfielder becomes the most feared hitter the Mets have had in the lineup since Mike Piazza terrorized the Senior Circuit in 1999 and 2000.

More importantly, if Minaya is able to acquire Ramirez, New York not only becomes the favorite in the National League, but a serious World Series contender. No matter how well they are playing right now, the Mets are still a very flawed club, which will be lucky to play in October.

Joe takes a more practical and positive glance than do most. And it is true that the addition of Ramirez in the middle of the Mets line-up right now would provide the Mets the largest boost they could get right now.

Still, with the prospects it would cost the Mets, it makes no sense to acquire Ramirez unless you plan on signing him. Herein lies the rub. Would you want to? Would the Wilpons want to commit their money is a moody, aging slugger who has shown that his production is fallling off? They may have had their fill of older players, too.

But what internal discussions are taking place right now at Shea? The ballclub is embracing itself and rallying around the players they have. People who run the club are paid to think more long term and it is why they have proved reluctant to move their top three prospects in Jon Niese, Fernando Martinez and Robert Parnell. Ownership also knows that alot of money is coming off the books after the season.

Its been a sellers market thus far although the ptackage the Yankees gave up to get Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte raised alot of eyebrows. Will sellers back off their demands over the next forty-eight hours?

My own feeling are that the Mets will not be moving any of their top prospects at the deadline as they feel that Niese and Martinez will be part of their roster on opening day next season. In value, the kind of talent that would pry the two away are no longer on the market.

Besides, I want the Mets to keep Jon Niese for one little, nostalgic reason. He was born on October 27, 1986 the day the Mets won the World Series.

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