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Cheap viagra online From his own blog, cheap viagra online Maoist Michael Klonsky boasts of the success of his Annenberg funded Small Schools Workshop. Cheap viagra online From a link titled “Social Justice Schools: The magazine “The Nation” generates the story titled, cheap viagra online “The Concious Classroom, cheap viagra online” the story of Little Village Lawndale High School located on the Chicago West Side. Cheap viagra online

Cheap viagra online Positioned among smoky factories and aging row houses on Chicago’s West Side, cheap viagra online the immaculate Little Village Lawndale High School (LVLHS) serves as a constant reminder to community residents of what collective action can produce. Cheap viagra online Concerned that 70 percent of neighborhood students traveled to different parts of the city for high school, cheap viagra online parents organized vigorously for the construction of a new facility in their backyard. Cheap viagra online After initially approving the plans, cheap viagra online city officials stalled construction, cheap viagra online claiming that funds had to be diverted to other projects. Cheap viagra online In response, cheap viagra online the community redoubled its efforts, cheap viagra online culminating in a nineteen-day hunger strike at the site of the proposed building, cheap viagra online referred to by supporters as Camp Cesar Chavez. Cheap viagra online “Construyan la escuela ahora!” was the protesters’ battle cry, cheap viagra online and after six long years, cheap viagra online the school was opened as promised in 2005. Cheap viagra online

Cheap viagra online Aside from the beautiful building, cheap viagra online the struggle birthed a new educational environment for Little Village’s youth. Cheap viagra online “The parents kept saying they really wanted our school to teach the values of peace and struggle, cheap viagra online” says Rito Martinez, cheap viagra online the principal of Social Justice High School at LVLHS, cheap viagra online “and what the community had to do to fight for the school.” One of four small schools housed on the campus, cheap viagra online Martinez’s social justice school was specifically created to foster basic skills and literacy–as well as critical inquiry–through projects and problems centered on race, cheap viagra online gender and economic equity. Cheap viagra online “There’s a combination of self-awareness and the opportunity to become socially conscious, cheap viagra online” he says. Cheap viagra online “We’re not dogmatic about it…but we give them the opportunity for self-discovery.”

Cheap viagra online On a fall morning a week into the school year, cheap viagra online it’s clear that the school’s methodology excites the students of LVLHS, cheap viagra online 98 percent of whom qualify as low-income. Cheap viagra online It’s Wednesday, cheap viagra online which means the kids participate in extended teacher-generated colloquiums focusing on topics that allow students to explore their identity in an academic setting. Cheap viagra online In a section on student organizing, cheap viagra online thirteen high schoolers attempt to define the word “community, cheap viagra online” brainstorming about their city’s assets and problems and how the students can tackle an issue of importance to them. Cheap viagra online Down the hall, cheap viagra online an enthusiastic teacher focusing on ethnography leads a lively discussion about racial stereotypes in the media as an entree into the idea of hegemony. Cheap viagra online Hands pop up across the packed classroom as students argue about how advertisements influence the way society views larger populations. Cheap viagra online As Martinez notes, cheap viagra online providing students the flexibility to “explore learning” is something that’s generally offered only to kids in affluent districts, cheap viagra online yet the practice can be transformational. Cheap viagra online

Cheap viagra online While the history of LVLHS’s genesis is unique, cheap viagra online its approach is not; the movement to link education, cheap viagra online social justice and activism is appealing to a growing number of educators and community organizations around the country. Cheap viagra online Updating successful principles from liberatory education programs of the past, cheap viagra online teachers and community members are finding exciting ways to engage a new generation of urban students alienated by mainstream methodologies, cheap viagra online something countless reform efforts have thus far failed to accomplish. Cheap viagra online And as Congress moves to reform or scrap the No Child Left Behind Act, cheap viagra online legislators could benefit from studying these new techniques, cheap viagra online which have been largely ignored on a national scale. Cheap viagra online

Cheap viagra online Back to the Future

Cheap viagra online Much of the work that now falls under the social justice education umbrella is grounded in a rich educational lineage dating back more than forty years. Cheap viagra online Among the intellectual forebears is Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, cheap viagra online author of the landmark 1970 book Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Cheap viagra online Freire described traditional education as “suffering from narration sickness, cheap viagra online” in which the hierarchical relationship between teacher and student causes the former to deposit facts into the latter without cultivating an understanding of what those facts mean. Cheap viagra online He argues that only through a dialectical praxis, cheap viagra online or “reflection and action upon the world in order to transform it, cheap viagra online” will students develop the critical skills necessary to realize their potential as scholars and citizens. Cheap viagra online

Cheap viagra online Another equally important influence is the Freedom School movement of the 1960s. Cheap viagra online In 1964 various civil rights organizations created a network of free alternative summer schools in Mississippi as a means to end the political marginalization of black people by encouraging students to become active in their communities. Cheap viagra online Divided between an “academic curriculum” that used reading, cheap viagra online verbal and writing activities based on the student’s own experiences and a “citizenship curriculum” that allowed for discussions about each student’s role in the Jim Crow South, cheap viagra online the course work was demanding. Cheap viagra online But more than 3, cheap viagra online000 black students of all ages attended that summer, cheap viagra online demonstrating the program’s appeal. Cheap viagra online

Cheap viagra online Twenty-first-century social justice education builds on these models while also emphasizing dialogue and remaining attentive to each student’s social environment. Cheap viagra online “Taking kids’ lives as a point of departure and bringing the world into the classroom really does seem to give a context and a purpose that is very motivating, cheap viagra online” says Stan Karp, cheap viagra online a veteran English teacher and an editor of the Milwaukee-based education reform magazine Rethinking Schools. Cheap viagra online

Cheap viagra online Conservatives, cheap viagra online with the New York Sun and City Journal leading the charge, cheap viagra online have denounced the movement for indoctrinating public school students with leftist politics at the expense of general education. Cheap viagra online But successful social justice education ensures that teachers strike a balance between debating sociopolitical problems that affect children’s lives and teaching them academic basics on which they will be tested. Cheap viagra online A science teacher can plant an urban garden, cheap viagra online allowing students to learn about plant biology, cheap viagra online the imbalance in how fresh produce is distributed and how that affects the health of community residents. Cheap viagra online An English teacher can explore misogyny or materialism in American culture through the lens of hip-hop lyrics. Cheap viagra online Or as Rico Gutstein, cheap viagra online a professor of mathematics education at the University of Illinois, cheap viagra online Chicago, cheap viagra online suggests, cheap viagra online a math teacher can run probability simulations using real data to understand the dynamics behind income inequality or racial profiling. Cheap viagra online These are “examples of lessons where you can really learn the math basics, cheap viagra online” he says, cheap viagra online “but the purpose of learning the math actually becomes an entree into, cheap viagra online and a deeper understanding of, cheap viagra online the political ramifications of the issue.”

Cheap viagra online Such practical exercises, cheap viagra online advocates argue, cheap viagra online improve upon the standard approach to youth development, cheap viagra online which aims to promote individual success but fails to examine the inequities that inhibit it. Cheap viagra online “At least to expose people to a structural analysis of inequality and the distribution of goodies in society, cheap viagra online” says Charles Payne, cheap viagra online the Frank P. Cheap viagra online Hixon Professor at the University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration, cheap viagra online “seems to be one of the more obvious ways that we can do better than we have done.” If executed properly, cheap viagra online social justice education also lays the intellectual foundation so essential for independent analytical thought while providing students the opportunity to realize their own human agency. Cheap viagra online In this way, cheap viagra online urban students are treated not as burdens to their community but as partners in solving the complex problems that plague their neighborhoods. Cheap viagra online

Cheap viagra online The Method Spreads

Cheap viagra online Social justice education has made inroads inside and outside the conventional classroom setting. Cheap viagra online Since 1992 the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) has stood at the forefront of this movement, cheap viagra online running modern freedom schools in cities nationwide. Cheap viagra online CDF leaders devised a model curriculum focused on five components: high-quality academic enrichment; parent and family involvement; civic engagement and social action; intergenerational leadership development; and nutrition, cheap viagra online physical and mental health. Cheap viagra online Like their Freedom Summer predecessors, cheap viagra online college-age students attend a national training workshop and facilitate coursework at all the schools. Cheap viagra online Since 1995 more than 64, cheap viagra online000 children and families have been involved, cheap viagra online including 7, cheap viagra online000 children in forty-nine cities in the summer of 2006. Cheap viagra online

Cheap viagra online Independent freedom schools have developed as well, cheap viagra online each with its own local nuances. Cheap viagra online In San Francisco, cheap viagra online students meet weekly to discuss topics like “Art and Protest” and “Nonviolence and Direct Action.” Chicago youth, cheap viagra online upon passing a rigorous application process, cheap viagra online are actually paid $1, cheap viagra online200 to attend an intensive six-week program that highlights sociopolitical consciousness and movement strategy. Cheap viagra online

Cheap viagra online Ironically, cheap viagra online the rise of public charter schools, cheap viagra online which have been promoted by the right and sometimes resisted by education reformers on the left, cheap viagra online has been a boon for social justice education. Cheap viagra online “I don’t see how that rapid expansion is possible without the proliferation of small schools and charter schools, cheap viagra online” says Payne. Cheap viagra online “They create an institutional opening and a resource base that wasn’t there before.” Public charter status is valuable because funding is still provided by the government, cheap viagra online but teachers are granted more autonomy to experiment with material that some may deem too controversial in standard settings. Cheap viagra online In New York City alone, cheap viagra online more than fifteen charter schools have opened with explicit social justice themes, cheap viagra online many of them in the past five years. Cheap viagra online Chicago, cheap viagra online Los Angeles and Oakland have followed suit. Cheap viagra online

Cheap viagra online With more education schools assigning the works of Freire and Jonathan Kozol, cheap viagra online a growing number of teachers, cheap viagra online with the help of local teachers’ organizations, cheap viagra online are infusing their curriculums with liberatory theories too. Cheap viagra online One such group is the New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCORE), cheap viagra online an organization of past and present public school teachers founded in 2002 that gives teachers the chance to discuss larger issues of social justice while formulating ways to bring those topics into the classroom. Cheap viagra online “We find that there are a lot of teachers who are highly politicized, cheap viagra online but they are isolated in schools where they are being forced to implement curriculum or policies that are really antithetical to their own belief system, cheap viagra online” says Bree Picower, cheap viagra online a NYCORE member and an assistant professor at New York University’s Department of Teaching & Learning. Cheap viagra online “And we look to try and network those teachers.” Teachers 4 Social Justice (T4SJ), cheap viagra online a similar group in Chicago, cheap viagra online holds an annual curriculum fair where teachers can exchange lesson plans as well as tactics on the best way to teach about injustice in schools that don’t explicitly support such activity. Cheap viagra online “You have to be careful. Cheap viagra online You have to build allies, cheap viagra online” says Gutstein, cheap viagra online a co-founder of the Chicago T4SJ. Cheap viagra online “But the reality is that there’s always space. Cheap viagra online There’s always cracks.”

Cheap viagra online Perhaps most encouraging, cheap viagra online liberatory education advocates from diverse parts of the country are beginning the slow process of organizing. Cheap viagra online “Oftentimes it’s individuals or individual institutions doing their own work, cheap viagra online” says Tara Mack, cheap viagra online director of the Education for Liberation Network. Cheap viagra online “And it’s one of these things where you look up and realize that there are actually a lot of different people who share similar values but haven’t necessarily connected with each other.” Mack’s burgeoning organization–an outgrowth of a listserv of educators, cheap viagra online academics and researchers–planned and ran Free Minds, cheap viagra online Free People, cheap viagra online what many have called one of the most productive social justice education conferences to date. Cheap viagra online More than 400 participants from across the country convened at LVLHS in June and ran panels, cheap viagra online shared resources and discussed the best way to build institutional strength. Cheap viagra online Other networking groups are budding as well, cheap viagra online including Education Action!, cheap viagra online a nonprofit created by Jonathan Kozol, cheap viagra online and the Teachers Activist Group, cheap viagra online a national association attempting to align local organizations like NYCORE and T4SJ. Cheap viagra online

Cheap viagra online Breaking Into the Mainstream

Cheap viagra online In part, cheap viagra online the growing interest in social justice education can be attributed to a kind of Bush backlash. Cheap viagra online Surging inequality and further disinvestment from urban cores to offset tax cuts and military spending have given teachers and activists the impetus to speak frankly to kids about ideas of fairness and justice, cheap viagra online even if the President’s No Child Left Behind Act has limited curriculum flexibility. Cheap viagra online “I think it’s the…polarization that you see, cheap viagra online” says Gutstein. Cheap viagra online “People are talking about things in ways which I don’t think I’ve heard since the 1970s, cheap viagra online and that includes education.”

Cheap viagra online But blaming the current Administration misses a larger point. Cheap viagra online Social justice education is a pedagogy that’s reinvigorating educators frustrated with the ineffectiveness of longstanding reform efforts. Cheap viagra online Despite new focus on the “soft bigotry of low expectations, cheap viagra online” many urban students remain deeply alienated from traditional methods that seem so removed from their lives. Cheap viagra online The links between academic and financial success are tenuous at best, cheap viagra online and command-and-control testing ignores the critical skills needed to improve the communities that the private sector and government have all but abandoned. Cheap viagra online In this context, cheap viagra online focusing on structural inequality and human development is a compelling alternative. Cheap viagra online

Cheap viagra online While difficult to quantify empirically because much of the work is new and geographically localized, cheap viagra online the pedagogy has shown humble signs of success. Cheap viagra online One Philliber Research Associates study found that the reading ability of 1, cheap viagra online598 children who attend CDF Freedom School programs in Kansas City “significantly improved, cheap viagra online” outdistancing similar students, cheap viagra online irrespective of whether or not they attended summer enrichment programs. Cheap viagra online Of the attendees, cheap viagra online low-income middle schoolers made the greatest gains. Cheap viagra online And as those interviewed point out, cheap viagra online the anecdotal evidence from students, cheap viagra online teachers and parents is overwhelming. Cheap viagra online “We’re rethinking these educational practices across the board, cheap viagra online” says Mia Henry, cheap viagra online director of the Chicago Freedom School. Cheap viagra online “Because everyone is trying to find a way to do it right.”

Cheap viagra online Social justice education, cheap viagra online while growing in influence, cheap viagra online has not yet entered the majority of mainstream education-reform conversations. Cheap viagra online Hunger strikes and protests like those at Little Village Lawndale High School may speed along the process. Cheap viagra online But if students remain engaged and educators continue to experiment and improve on their methods, cheap viagra online it should be only a matter of time. Cheap viagra online

Cheap viagra online . Cheap viagra online

Cheap viagra online Stunning not only in its focus but its arrogance, cheap viagra online Mike Klonsky’s Chicago HS was priliminarily known as Camp Ceasar Chavez after the leftist organizer of illegal allien growers in California of the 60’s and 70’s. Cheap viagra online But there’s more. Cheap viagra online At Lawndale HS and English teacher is encouraged to explore mysoginy and materialism in America through hip hop music. Cheap viagra online Or maybe a math teacher can explore income inequities based on racial profiling. Cheap viagra online All are highlites mak public school curriculum based on making America seem evil. Cheap viagra online And all funded through Obama/Ayers efforts to control curriculum and indoctrinate Chicago youth. Cheap viagra online

Cheap viagra online But again there’s more. Cheap viagra online The Lawndale model is intended to be used in other cities to start Charter Schools, cheap viagra online an Obama favorite. Cheap viagra online His agenda is revealed here as many observers, cheap viagra online including this one took Obama at his word he would be championing school choice in larger cities where public schools had been failing and many legitimate private entities had begun effective charter efforts in those areas. Cheap viagra online Little did anyone know, cheap viagra online he may well have had the Obama/Ayers Lawndale Model in mind. Cheap viagra online In San Francisco and New York similar models are already being implemented under the old guise of the 1960’s radicalism, cheap viagra online Freedom Schools.

Cheap viagra online H/T: Commentor Maybee at JOM

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