Seeing the Blago saga in Chicago’s newspapers

This morning’s Chicago Sun-Times blasts Rod Blagojevich’s appointment of Roland Burris as Barack Obama’s replacement for the US Senate.

At a news conference on Tuesday, Blagojevich insisted he was making the appointment solely for the benefit of the people of Illinois, who should not be deprived of a sitting senator another day.

And, he said, the law requires it of him.

All of which would be true.

In normal times.

From a governor with credibility.

None of which is remotely true in Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, which is quickly becoming la-la land.

And the Sun-Times pulls no punches it pointing to the self-interest factors of the Burris appointment:

We don’t know why Blagojevich chose Burris, who as Illinois comptroller was the first African American elected to statewide office.

A hardened cynic might suspect that Blagojevich, in making the Burris appointment, is thinking not of the people of Illinois, but of the 12 jurors who will sit in judgment of him at a criminal trial.

And recognized as the leading voice in the Chicago media in dealing with Illinois corruption is John Kass.

Of course, Tuesday’s fiasco could have been avoided. Democrats in the state legislature could have stripped Blagojevich of his appointment powers and imposed a special election. Obama also could have demanded it. But as he has done so often in his career, Obama avoided a confrontation and looked the other way.

Democrats tried to finesse this, and they allowed Blagojevich the opening he needed, to hold that news conference and defy everybody. And so I’m forced to tip my hat to Gov. Dead Meat on this one, for sheer brazenness.

Small wonder Obama takes no questions from Chicago reporters.

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What’s Next in Illinois Senate ?

From Patterico guest poster DRJ.

I believe that the most important ones are coming from sources within the Illinois government. Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn said Sunday that Blago would be impeached early in the new year. And now the CBS2 source that Patterico quoted said much the same of the Illinois House.

One wonders if the Blago/Rush/Burris gambit to use the race card will rally Illinois black voters and/or intimidate Senate Dems. It should be alarming to all Dems that Obama’s criticism of the appointment and support for Harry Reid did not serve as an end all.

Still its possible that the Blago/Rush/Burris team is an island and will fail to intimidate anyone. Even Republicans would be thankful as if they failed as it would mean the race card no longer serves as the trump it once did.

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Will Hezbollah strike, too?

From Monday’s Haaretz

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The Coordination of Islamic Attacks on the West

….is being reported on numerous websites. Here’s one.

From Gaza to Iran to Denmark.

And protests in the United States

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Iranians Attack Foreign Embassies in Tehran

Taking a page out of their 70’s playbook, Iran staged organized attacks on a Saudi airline office and the Jordanian embassy yesterday. Today “students” stormed the British consolate. Gateway Pundit has it all.

UPDATE: National Review military expert Steve Shippert says its the usual Iranian faux demonstration.

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METS: Cool All-Time Team

From SullyBaseball via AlwayzAmazin.

Nicely done!

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