METS: The Pelfrey and Perez 5 inning pitch counts and beyond

I’m glad that Adam Rubin is back at the ballpark hopefully no worse for wear. But he makes a good point in linking the high pitch counts of Mike Pelfrey today and Oliver Perez last night.

Pelfrey (8-7) tossed 107 pitches while being charged with three runs on five hits and three walks (one intentional) in five innings. It marked the second straight day the Mets starting pitcher had reached a three-figure pitch count while failing to exceed five innings (Oliver Perez, 112 pitches on Saturday).

This is nothing new to fans and many Mets bloggers such as Joe Janish, Metswalkoffs and Baseball Crank. All three are very aware of stats. So far more than me that I rely on them.

The fact that this is nothing new means there’s something there…there….by design. Is it some sort of organizational philosophy that creates these unwinnable scenarios? Is it the habit of limiting pitch counts in the early season in the minors? Does this then enable lowered expectations for starters?

All these questions and more need to be frankly discussed around the table by their baseball people in the off-season. It may be that in the interest of protecting their investments with pitch counts has produced a pircher who doesn’t help their team win.

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