Diary: Day 12 – school starts Monday

Its been a nice long summer – one of benefit in its personal renewal. I don’t quite have a handle on what exactly is different though, but maybe the long experinec of another school year will provide answers.

We have a community kick-off today at our stadium. Some Pop Warner teams will play followed my four middle schools. Our three teams – varsity, JV and freshmen will play this evening after being introduced. The band and cheerleders will be there, too. Small town football is a community event.

Like most teachers I didn’t get totally ready for the week. But the first couple of days will be administrative passing out textbook and workbooks, going over my syllabus, etc. The online gradebook system hasn’t been updated enough so I couldn’t do my seating chart yet. Thats best done the first day to help create a learning environment. Hopefully it will be up over the weekend. I might even go in for a little while tomorrow.

My son starts college Monday at a little Methodist school in Tennessee. He’s made himself into quite a good bowler and will do so there. His mom and step dad are taking him there today. Not being part of his life has been a regretful, lonely burden but I’m extremely grateful my ex-wife has done so much to foster our relationship.

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