METS: Toby Hyde’s Excellent Adventure

I’ve been following Toby Hyde’s career since he joined Matt Cerrone’s network. He’s been like a baseball prospect, advancing every year based on past performances. Toby has talent to be sure, but he’s accomplished alot on work ethic. He’s starts a new season in Savannah and I hope he will continue his comprehensive posts on the Mets minor leagues. Have a great season, Toby.

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This post was written by bobsikes on February 25, 2010

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METS: Uh-oh. Conflicting Reports on Escobar is Cause for Concern

Its the cover-up and not the crime.

So through Johan Santana we learn that all is ok with Kelvim Escobar’s shoulder. “On target” was the description only one day after hearing that he couldn’t even grasp a baseball.

So which is it?

Fans are able to understand that Escobar was an uncertainty to begin with, but will be intolerant of an attempt at controling the spin. They will need to get out in front of the story today.

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This post was written by bobsikes on February 19, 2010

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EJ Dionne says that Tea Partiers are Anti Statist Radicals

Well, yea.

Long a shill for Democrats, Dionne continues to advance party talking points that attempt to dismiss and demonize the movement. The headline conveys the tone deafness and detachment from middle America that President Obama and his enabling left-wing members of Congress have acquired.

So what effect does Dionne’s quip-like headline have on folks who are Tea Partiers or identify with the movement’s values?

Answer: None.

Voters that Dionne is attempting to marginalize and humiliate see statism as the agenda that’s currently being advanced by the Democrat Party. See the simple and easy to read list that follows:

The government owning General Motors: statist.

Strong arming GM’s creditors: statist.

Cap and Trade (tax): statist.

Government take over of health care: statist.

Attempts to control the banking system: statist.

Using the EPA to unilaterally impose carbon regulations: statists.

Pay Czars: Really statist.

Czars in general: so statist it’s crazy.

Attempts to pre-determine the census by using ACORN as census takers: you have to be kidding me statist.

Dionne is not clear whether or not he considers statsim to be bad or whether he believes Tea Partiers meerly call Obamaism statist. Perhaps he feels that by dropping the radicalist bomb best serves his party’s spin. Whatever Dionne’s intent, its unmasks the Democrats problem.

Onward we go with the same Democrat agenda that’s served to embolden the GOP and that’s launched a movement that’s galvanized independent voters. It’s likley will get stronger if Dionne and his party continue their current path.

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METS: Another chance to experience Keith Hernandez’ greatness

The video clip of Keith Hernandez tutoring session with Daniel Murphy, Nick Evans and Chric Carter gave a rare glimpse of what it was like to be with him on the field.

A private man, Hernandez has clearly gotten comfortable with the camera and agreed to be miked up for an SNY session. But the brief piece revealed his hypersensitive sense of awareness.

When modeling the position, he talked about multiple things he was able to note while coming off the base and with a man on third. Hernandez’ uncanny ability to rely on peripheral vision, while making athletic moves was what seperated him from all others who have played the position.

This attention to detail of what was occurring during games often shocked teamates. It’s often hard to explain and I really don’t think that Hernandez, an extremely modest man, understands that he.

We are all lucky though as he it to Mets’ telecasts.

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METS: F-Marts brand new spring

The new car smell is long gone. The excitement of a new love has calmed to content. Or something like that. And Fernando Martinez comes to his third big league spring training.

For a change, timing couldn’t be any better for Martinez. Not only is he not supposed to make the club, the Mets don’t want him to. The departure of Tony Bernazard has allowed the Mets to put a more realistic spin and plan in place for their Latin prospects. One cannot discount the drama that surrounded the Mets since Bernazard’s ouster as over shadowing the slow progress and health concerns of the Mets’ top prospect.

But Martinez quietly went about having a very good winter and will arrive in Florida next week without either fanfare and questions about making the club. Let alone starting.

Maybe now Martinez gets to come to camp to just play. If his body is still maturing, we can hope that his injury troubles are behind him. Some things need to go well for Martinez, but he will be able to do so this spring without past expectations and fascination.

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Saints win. Too bad much of the narrative will be about Peyton Manning losing

Gary Myers is up to that task today.

I had predicted a Colts win, but the Saints did what they do better. Gregg Williams refused to go into a prevent-like defense when protecting a one score lead with less than three minutes to go. The Saints reportedly had three different defensive philosophies – one for the firts half, one for the third quarter and one for the final quarter. Williams’ disguised looks and uncertain pressure provide the Saints with the opportunity to get the turnover they were looking for.

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FSU vacates victories in several sports. Is USC next?

The NCAA has taken it’s next step in assuming dominance over collegiate athletics. Does the same fate await the Southern Cal football and basketball programs? There are some whom feel that the NCAA had a vendeta against FSU because the university successfully turned aside the organizations attempt to change the nickname from Seminoles to something which better pleased it’s politically correct agenda. By the same standard of conduct, USC must be next. Right?

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Can a picture end the questions about Obama’s parentage?

I’ve never been a big fan of either questioning the President’s birth place or his any questions about his parents. His associations and whether or not he wrote the books he claimed to are more pertinant.

Jack Cashill has effectively written to questions regarding Obama’s books, but today gets wrapped up into the questions involving the identity of Obama’s parents.

I stopped wondering about the issue when I saw a photo of Obama’s half brother. There’s an astonishing resemblance between the two enough for me anyhow to not be even remotely curious about the President’s family.

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This post was written by bobsikes on February 7, 2010

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Does that make me a white-hooded racist wannabe?

I guess so if we apply Rachael Maddow’s rules. . And yes, I wish that I had been able to attent the Tea Party Convention in Nashville.

I wonder whom Maddow believed she is influencing. Does she feel that she’s converting mainstream Americans who just happen to tune in? Does she believe that by calling Tea Party or Sarah Palin supporters They were Obama voters and Democrats anyhow. Maddow is likliest to only steady the resolve of those she loathes so much.

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This post was written by bobsikes on February 7, 2010

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There’s something about Sarah

Sarah Palin didn’t use a teleprompter last night in her 40 minute keynote address at the Tea Party convention in Nashville. She doesn’t need one even in a speech she knows is televised nationally on C-Span.

A always lively exchange can be found at Just One Minute. I posted these comments earlier with respect to Palin:

I believe that it’s time we started to put an end to the idea that Palin is inexperienced.

Closer to the truth is the idea that she was more experienced than was McCain, Obama and Biden. She was the only one who had executive experience as govenor of a state. She’d run a large state agency. She’d been a successful local public servant as a school board member and mayor. An unlike any of the others she really does know what it’s like to run a small business – the family fishing business.

Much was made of the Obama judgement. Bill Bradley ran that up the flag pole when he endorsed him. Clearly his judgement is faulty unless it’s taking actions that have anything to do with his own dangerous ideologies. Judgement – which comes after wisdom – is gained through experience. This our president had very, very little.

Aside that is from associations with anti-American leftists, stuffy Harvard faculty types and organizing a corrupt agency. No, Obama has lived a life – as Krauthammer insightfully pointed out – a life of simple adulation.

Not only is his ideology a danger to America, but so is his lack of experience in making decisions. It should be of greatest concern to the nation that he surrounds himself with sycophants in the inner circle.

Palin is the antithesis to everything that is Obama and the extreme left wing of his party. While attempts to demonize her in some of the most disgustingly unacceptable ways imaginable, she’s evolving in a way those whom demonize her fear most. More than being an effective contrarian voice, she’s becoming a figure – even a symbol- of significance.

Not afraid to be an independent voice among her own party, she has endorsed and will campaign for John McCain against the popular conservative J.D. Hayworth. She’s thrown her support behind Rhan Paul in the Kentucky GOP senate primary against the establishment and Mitch McConnel supported candidate. She will also campaign for Texas Govenor Rick Perry going against the power of the Bush family and Dick Cheney.

She’s also grown and become more polished. In today’s interview with Chris Wallace, she gained the upper hand even when Wallace attempted to dismiss some of her statements. Any attempt by Wallace to get his Katie Couric moment was swatted aside by Palin.

And they sure loved her last night in Nashville.

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