Were some of those Pro-Palestinian activists on those ships members of the Turkish Army?

David Hazony reports:

“A good friend of mine is a nurse who was on duty in the emergency room at a Jerusalem hospital when some of the injured “activists” were brought in. She tells me that many of them are wearing camouflage. “Not sure they were official Turkish army clothes,” she says, “but they weren’t civilian dress, that’s for sure.”

If so it’s beyond troubling as the sudden radicalization of Turkey would be certain. Their recent deal with Brazil and Iran on a nuclear swap becomes highly suspect. And then the quick coordinated attack on the Israali Consulate in Turkey becomes, well, way too quick and coordinated.

UPDATE: More evidence of complicity in the episode from Turkey

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FLORIDA POLITICS: Was firing of KrisAnne Hall politically motivated?

From GOP advisor Eric Wall comes a link to a story that Hall, a state’s attorney fired for speaking at political rallies, may have been let go for political reasons. It seems that her boss is a Democrat and former “community leader” for a Democrat gubernatorial candidate. Two prominent GOP pols in AG Bill McCollum and Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottcamp have condemned the firing.

Hall’s boss, Skip Jarvis, appears to have judged Hall’s private political activities via the prism of partisan Democrat politics.

Doesn’t it seem that if Jarvis’s firing were justified any AG seeking an elected public office could not do so? With Jarvis’ interpretation they wouldn’t be able to make speeches. Or what if Hall were simply speaking to members of her church on abortion? That wouldn’t be ok either?

Jarvis won’t be able to resolve this when he’s actually forced to. He’s obviously a smart guy, so why did he feel justified in firing Hall?

Perhaps Jarvis is like other Democrats whom buy into Joe Klein’s sediton angle. If so, Democrats need to hope that “Klein Bombs” don’t become viral.


This post was written by bobsikes on May 31, 2010

ACTIVIST WATCH: ANSWER and it’s Marxist allies fuel this year’s protests in Los Angeles and Phoenix

Intrepid blogger Donald Douglas of American Power waded into dangerous waters yesterday to take photos of yesterday’s protest in Phoenix. One of his photos revealed that a Marxist group, Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL.org) were in attendance. Here’s that photo:

The picture reveals that an organization that Douglas refers to as a neocommunist entity ANSWERLA (or more simply, ANSWER)is present, but Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSLWEB.Org) makes no bones about it. While it’s not certain, the stark similarities in print could mean that the placards were back-to-back and that the organizations are run by the same people. Douglas, who’s done yeoman’s work on covering activist activity in the southwest, probably already knows this.

PSL’s has a mission statement. Here’s part of it:

The PSL has been created to be a vehicle for the multinational working class in the struggle for socialism.

Revolutionary Marxism requires a revolutionary party to flourish and develop. Marxism is not an abstract doctrine but rather a guide to action. It must be constantly tested by action and in debate.

Our party seeks to bring together leaders and organizers from the many struggles taking place across the country. The most crucial requirement for membership is the dedication to undertake this most important and most necessary of all tasks — building a new revolutionary workers party in the heart of world imperialism.

The long and corrosive history of slavery and racism in the United States places special demands on the party of the working class. In all our preparation, we strive to build working class unity by putting the struggle against racism as a central priority in the day-to-day work of the Party and the movement, and by affirming in practice Lenin’s principles of the rights of nations to self-determination and revolutionary, working-class internationalism. Only a multinational party can create the unity necessary to defeat the most powerful capitalist class the world has ever seen.

ANSWERLA’s involvement in the recent protest is no secret. It’s web site provides press releases and announcements of boasts of the coordination of meetings between leftist entities in planning these. One such planning meeting was held in Los Angeles to organize for the planned March 20 anti-war protest. Along with PSL the meeting included another Marxists organization that’s affiliated with ANSWERLA in Latino Movement USA. Interestingly ANSWERLA said the Los Angeles chapter of FMLN a leftist group from El Savador was also in attendance at the February 20 meeting. Here’s ANSWERS post regarding the meeting:

“Last Saturday, Feb. 20, a meeting of the March 20 Coalition Planning Committee was held at the headquarters of United Teachers Los Angeles.

In addition to the ANSWER Coalition, the March 20 Planning Committee meeting was attended by representatives and members of Iraq Veterans Against the War, Office of the Americas, National Lawyers Guild, Veterans for Peace, Palestinian American Women’s Association, Military Families Speak Out, March Forward!, Students for Justice in Palestine, Alliance for Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines, Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition, Latino Movement USA, AF3RM, Students Fight Back, Free Palestine Alliance, Kmb – Pro-People Youth, Party for Socialism and Liberation, U.S. Labor Against the War, UTLA, Topanga Peace Alliance, Coalition for Peace and Democracy in Honduras, FMLN-LA, FSLN, CISPES, Muslim Student Association-West, and others.

Student organizers from various campuses also attended, representing UC Irvine, Cerritos College, Cal State Long Beach, UCLA, Cal State Fullerton, Glendale Community College, Cal State Northridge, Pasadena City College, Jefferson High School, Cal State LA, and others.

In addition to those in attendance at the Feb. 20 planning meeting, over 1,500 organizations and individuals have endorsed the March 20 National Anti-War Marches. Click here to add your/your organization’s name to the growing list of endorsers.

People will be coming by bus, van, car, train and plane from across Southern California and the Southwest to be in LA on Saturday, March 20. If you are interested in organizing transportation, click here to fill out the Transportation Form.The March 20 protest in Los Angeles will coincide with the National March on Washington, as well as a regional march in San Francisco.

March 20 is the seventh anniversary of the criminal war of aggression launched against Iraq. The demonstration will demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all U.S. and NATO forces from Afghanistan and Iraq. Instead of war, we will demand funds so that every person can have a job, free and universal health care, decent schools, and affordable housing. We’ll also demand freedom for Palestine and reparations, not occupation, for Haiti.

The March 20 Coalition Planning Committee discussed a scenario for the March 20 action. People will gather at Hollywood and Vine, 12 noon, and march down Hollywood Blvd. for a rally in front of the Kodak Theatre with speakers, music, performers and a dramatic action to illustrate the effects of war on occupied peoples.

Dozens of volunteers have been working diligently everyday to build this important action. Recently, a mailing was sent out to 2,000 people, and volunteers have distributed more than 40,000 flyers in the past 6 weeks. But more help is needed. Find out how to get involved today!

Above is a photo from the meeting. The Placards on the table intended for the March 20 meeting are of the same size and print as this past weekend’s Phoenix immigration activism protest.

So the same organization that organized for an anti-war demonstration in Los Angeles on March 20 is also present and involved in immigration protest in Phoenix at the end of May. ANSWERLA makes no effort to hide their associations with Marxists, radical islamist groups, illegal immigrant activists and shadowy leftist groups. It is in fact serving as a major facilitator of such protests. Equally troubling is the indoctrination of high school students into their protests. ANSWERLA indicates that students from at least 30 high schools took part in the March 20 protest.

Time Magazine’s Joe Klein recently said that Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are guilty of sedition. To Klein, Palin’s rallies and appearnaces at Tea party events are seditious, but these protests are not. Klein furthermore would tell you that Beck, who often reports on the facts of such protests is seditious, while these are not. Even the most apologetic members of the MSM won’t be able to resolve this whopper.

In the end though, leftist entities like ANSWERLA enjoy the blurring of the lines between themselves and other like minded groups. But the fact that they appear at each other’s rallies and planning meetings is evidence on the coordination of shared long term agendas.


This post was written by bobsikes on May 31, 2010

FLORIDA#2: Eddie Hendry’s TV ad

Eddie Hendry has posted a recent TV spot he did on his web site that highlights the kind of firm resolve conservative voters seek in candidates. Hendry will be in Bristol, Florida on Thursday at the Liberty County REC Meeting.

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FLORIDA#2: Paul McKain comes to the defense of Florida state attorney who was fired for her Tea Party appearances

Independent candidate Paul McKain writes an effective defense of assistant state attorney KrisAnne Hall whom had been fired for being a frequent speaker at Tea Party rallies.

McKain has several well crafted opinions on his web site and should be able to make some political hay out of his justified support for Hall.


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AVTIVIST WATCH: Arizona in pictures

I don’t think that people really have a grasp of just how bad things are in southwestern states like Arizona. You’ll never see any MSM photos in the MSM that illustrate it . Their agenda is alligned with long tem Democrat Party dominance. The writers, bosses and editors of the NY Times, AP, CNN, NBC and CBS just don’t want you to see pictures like these.


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METS: Oliver, Oliver. Oliver

Look, Oliver Perez will NEVER accept a minor league assignment. Scott Boras won’t let him, and the Mets know it. The club is leaking stories to essentially put political pressure on Perez. Boras doesn’t have to face the New York chin music. Perez does. Sadly it’s all about the bad contract that Boras hoodwinked Minaya into giving Perez. Boras can’t have a client go to the minors and would rather have the Mets be forced into releasing him. These chronicles of Ollie have become a high stakes game of leverage between the Mets and Boras.

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FLORIDA#2: Barbara Olschner’s pragmatism on display

At the May 18 debate in Panama City, moderator Doc Washburn asked a question to candidates on whether or not they favored overturning Roe v. Wade. While the other candidates based their affirmatives with faith-based reasoning, Barbara Olschner simply said, “Yes.”

She was asked again about it on Washburn’s Friday show. Today on her Facebook page, Olschner writes about that response again:

One of the questions Doc asked me on Friday was to explain my one word answer “Yes” to the question, “Would you support Roe v. Wade being overturned?” which was asked at the debate on May 18th. That is how I intend to work in DC. Let’s answer the issues, and move on to solve problems. Let’s not take every second for political pandering. Let’s solve problems.

This Olschner debate response was one of the evening’s most memorable and likely the one Bay County voters in attendence most easily still remember. It was indeed a good one. Here what I wrote about Olschner after the debate:

I felt going in that Olschner was the candidate that had the best opportunity last night to gain some ground. She did. As compared to the rest of the candidates, Olschner did not need to engage in hyperbole and conservative platitudes to be effective. When the other candidates responded to a question about whether or not Roe v Wade was wrong with passionate Christian values, Olschner simply said, “yes.” This may not be emphatic enough for some pro-life voters in the district, but her one-word response might have provided the evening’s one moment of distinction between the candidates. She was at ease responding to questions and stayed consitent to her message of keeping priorities to the economy and national security. She came back to that theme more than once. Her response to a question about “don’t ask, don’t tell” was to say that the issue was “silly” in a manner which highlighted her ability to see the big picture

I feel that Olschner was able to seperate herself from the other candidates that evening and might be the one advancing most with voters. We’ll know when she faces her opponents again in the next debate on June 8th in Suwanee County. If she’s having to take on rebuttals, we’ll know that the other candidates think so, too.

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EDUCATION: A reasoned view of education reform efforts by the LA Times

I’m putting by conservative bonifides on the line again by touting an LA Times op-ed, but this is a good one.

The “unschooling” movement of the 1970s featured open classrooms, in which children studied what they were most interested in, when they felt ready. That was followed by today’s back-to-basics, early-start model, in which students complete math worksheets in kindergarten and are supposed to take algebra by eighth grade at the latest. Under the “whole language” philosophy of the 1980s, children were expected to learn to read by having books read to them. By the late 1990s, reading lessons were dominated by phonics, with little time spent on the joys of what reading is all about — unlocking the world of stories and information.

A little more than a decade ago, educators bore no responsibility for their students’ failure; it was considered the fault of the students, their parents and unequal social circumstances. Now schools are held liable for whether students learn, regardless of the students’ lack of effort or previous preparation, and are held solely accountable for reaching unrealistic goals of achievement.

No wonder schools have a chronic case of educational whiplash. If there’s a single aspect of schooling that ought to end, it’s the decades of abrupt and destructive swings from one extreme to another. There is no magic in the magic-bullet approach to learning. Charters are neither evil nor saviors; they can be a useful complement to public schools, but they have not blazed a sure-fire path to student achievement. Decreeing that all students will be proficient in math and reading by 2014 hasn’t moved us dramatically closer to the mark

The LA Times has something for everyone in their piece and hasn’t reflexibly just taken the side of national teacher’s unions. They advocate for some level of teacher assessments while effectively pointing out the flaws of standardized testing.

This sort of middle ground is the place the Republican Party needs to be taking on education. Instead it continues to buy into Draconian takeovers like SB6 that betray conservative principles while demonizing naysayers.


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OBAMA WATCH: Kagen eliminated U.S. Constitutional Law while Dean of Harvard Law School

Posting at Patterico’s Pontifications DRJ has uncovered that SCOTUS nominee Elena Kagen eliminated U.S. Constitutional Law from the curriculum of Harvard Law. Kagen’s justification for the change was this:

“From the beginning of law school, students should learn to locate what they are learning about public and private law in the United States within the context of a larger universe — global networks of economic regulation and private ordering, public systems created through multilateral relations among states, and different and widely varying legal cultures and systems. Accordingly, the Law School will develop three foundation courses, each of which represents a door into the global sphere that students will use as context for U.S. law,”

Kagen’s statement is troubling, but provides a clue to her philosophy. As Dean, Kagen went beyond simple changes in course cataloging and engaged in the manipulation of educational standards. Her use of “global networks” and “varying legal cultures” in justifying the changes dismissed the basics of U.S. Law and replaced them with platitudes of judicial activist interpretations.

This manipulation of Harvard’s curriculum is something some senators will use against her nomination. They should. The job requires applying existing U.S. Law in cases and not finding reasons to do otherwise.

Kagen’s tweeking of Harvard’s curriculum reveals something of what Kagen’s judicial temperment will be. Her banning of ROTC recruitors at Harvard Law is earily similar as both are rationalized by applying “varying legal cultures.”

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