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This post was written by bobsikes on July 2, 2010

Obama Takedown of the Day

From Paul Rahe:

With regard to domestic affairs, he seems not to have recognized that, under our Constitution, it is the President of the United States who represents the national interest; that Congressmen more often than not cater to particular interests; that, if legislation is left to the latter, principle tends to give way to patronage; and that the result can be a profound embarrassment. And so he stood idly by while Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the like drafted legislation – a so-called “stimulus bill” and healthcare reform, each more than a thousand pages in length, each embodying a multitude of corrupt bargains, each threatening to bankrupt the country. And, like a political hack, faithful to his party to the bitter end, he promoted and signed their handiwork.

All of this was obvious long ago, and it was evident as well that, if there were a real crisis, he would check out. This is what he did when Major Nidal Malik Hassan gunned down thirteen Americans at Fort Hood. This is what he did when Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab nearly brought down a jetliner at Christmas time. And this is what he did when Faisal Shahzad was found to have planted a bomb in Times Square. All three cases revealed an egregious failure of our intelligence apparatus. In all three cases, the danger had its source in developments within Islam And, in the face of all of this, the President of the United States signaled that he could hardly bear to take a few minutes off from his vacation at the beach in Hawaii, cancel a party or two, or give up his golf game to acknowledge and address the failures of his administration, and at no time has he been willing to level with us about the source of our peril.

And why Obama CAN be held accountable for the oil spill:

The oil spill that began in the Gulf of Mexico on 20 April is the latest example. Some say that President Obama is no more responsible for the spill than President Bush was for Hurricane Katrina. This claim is, in fact, untrue. Bush had nothing to do with Katrina. Barack Obama, as President, was responsible for insuring that the regulatory agencies overseeing the drilling operations did their job properly. While campaigning for the presidency, he charged that the Bush administration had, in effect, allowed the oil industry to regulate itself, and he promised that, if he were elected, he would set things right. During that campaign, he took a wad of cash from folks at BP (more than they had ever given any other candidate); and, when the time came to reform the Minerals Management Service, as Tim Dickinson has shown in fine detail in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, the new administration’s appointees did nothing of the sort.

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This post was written by bobsikes on July 1, 2010

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This post was written by bobsikes on July 1, 2010

Democrat Takedown of the Day

From Jennifer Rubin:

How many times has a pundit or Democrat gushed over Obama’s “brilliant” mind? As conservatives pointed out to the swooners on the left, there was very little evidence of it — no inventive Third Wave philosophy of governance in his pre-presidential career, no significant legislative or intellectual achievement — other than writing a self-promoting and somewhat fictional account of himself — and actually very poor people skills (Maureen Dowd has only now figured out that he is thin-skinned and emotionally robotic). But it was heresy to suggest that he was a conventional liberal thinker, less interesting than Bill Clinton and less rigorous than Ronald Reagan

Rubin brings up the point that both Democrats and the media will be held accountable by voters for Obama presidency. The continued rise of Fox News and the Tea Party movement are clear signals that people are starting to realize they’ve been had.

Holly fraudulance, Bat Man!


This post was written by bobsikes on July 1, 2010

POLITICS: Taking on the Giant of the Georgia 5th

Rep. John Lewis has an opponent. It’s Republican Kelly Nguyen.

Here’s Kelly’s platform:

1.To not participate in the lucrative congressional pension plan.
2.To legislate congressional term limits to 3 terms.
3.To oppose bailouts of any kind.
4.To never vote for a tax raise of any kind

You can follow Kelly on Twitter.

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This post was written by bobsikes on July 1, 2010

FLORIDA#2: A crucial failure by the GOP that continues

One of the most important links I’ve provided in some time is this Dan Riehl article in Big Journalism. Reihl, publisher of Reihl World View, effectively takes to task the GOP’s failure on a national level to embrace new media.

Many GOP establishment figures, including those purportedly working in new media, have no serious knowledge, or understanding of the phenomenon of new media at all. Whatever mechanism that effectively binds the Democrat establishment and their on-line activists and bloggers either doesn’t exist on the GOP side, or is seriously broken, if not corrupted by an inside the Beltway mentality. Perhaps one needs a father who donated to a campaign to work in GOP new media today, who knows — judging by the alleged experience of many inside the Beltway, so-called new media professionals on the GOP side.

Does that disconnect and utter lack of support and genuine honest cooperation and cohesion matter? I would submit it does.

My contacts with GOP candidates can be described as spotty at best. Some have been better than others. E-mail inquiries are not always answered. I’m on every candidates mailing list yet have never recieved any campaign literature. Perhaps this is as a result of the size of the campaigns as I receive stuff from the Rubio, Crist, McCollum and Scott campaigns. And this is just talking about email, a medium that almost so five years ago.

Reihl provides the one example that illustrates the failure of the GOP from top down to get their message out from a surprising admission by Karl Rove.

Karl Rove is allegedly something of a genius when it comes to Republican political strategy. Yet, after leaving the White House, he said his worst political mistake was in not pushing back against the anti-war Left over the Iraq War.

The former White House political adviser blames himself for not pushing back against claims that President George W. Bush had taken the country to war under false pretenses, calling it one of the worst mistakes he made during the Bush presidency. The president, he adds, did not knowingly mislead the American public about the existence of such weapons

Did anyone from the Right push back? Yes, as a matter of fact. An entire cottage industry of blogging sprung up, first to support the wars after 9/11, and then to push back hard every day against the anti-war Left during the Bush administration because they, not Karl Rove, realized how critical it was. This is both well known and well documented. But evidently, no one in the GOP establishment, including Karl Rove, was listening

I was one of those bloggers who pushed back, but we weren’t receiving any help. The failure of the President and his party to recognize the problem and subsequently take action turned out to be monumental. They conceded the narrative to the Democrats and their media allies. Historians won’t be kind. This crucial error helped build momentum for the Obama presidency.

Reihl’s piece sadly shows that there’s little reason to hope that the GOP has changed.

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This post was written by bobsikes on July 1, 2010