METS: I’m just sayin’

I’m up early hacking away at my new politcs blog. A glmpse at ESPN NY informed me of RA Dickey’s performance last night.

The Mets are six games back in the lost column from the wild card frontrunner. Pelfrey had his best start in two months last time out. Santana was the best guy on the field this week. Dickey’s been that way all year. Niese is really good and it’s clearly a good idea not to have traded him. Sure we need a fifth starter, but maybe Pat Misch will provide that and we can leave Takie in the bullpen.

Beltran’s back and had the key hit in the game last night. His return has essentially served to be a mid-season acquisition of a big bat for the middle of the line-up. It could turn out not letting go of Frenchy will turn out ok if we leave him or whomever plays RF in the 7 hole.

Jerry’s gotta stay with Tejeda at 2nd though. Our record is too good with him in there. He’d be guilty of over managing if he tries to keep Castillo happy at this point.

Yes, K-Rod’s a loose cannon. The assault of anyone in the family room in front of children reveals someone who needs help. Bobby Ojeda was right. What role he’ll be able to play the rest of the season is in doubt and remains the biggest question mark.

All the nonsense aside, there’s still evidence that something can still happen.

I’m just sayin’.

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This post was written by bobsikes on August 14, 2010