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The President met with ten conservative journalists after his presser yesterday marking the continuation of a PR campaign designed to tell the nation what he's doing and what actually is going on in Iraq. did the story:

  He scoffed at reports to the contrary in the press. When specifically asked about a Washington Post article this week reporting that his administration is looking for a way to draw down, President Bush said dismissively, “I didn’t read it, ” and then, “there are a lot of talkers in Washington. ” When it was pointed out that the sources were people in his administration, he repeated, just as dismissively, “That’s what I said, there are a lot of talkers. ” He said that not everyone gets to talk to him: “I’m not on the [] phone chatting up with these people writing these articles, ascribing motives to me. ” The president made his intentions clear Friday afternoon. He’s not going to abandon the surge, despite all the talk of his administration being willing to move to the Iraq Study Group model of the Iraq war. He views “this period as fundamental for deciding whether or not this nation is going to be secure throughout a lot of the 21st century. And therefore when it comes to the war in Iraq, as you know, I made a decision not to leave but to put more in , and I will support our troops and support Gen. petraeus, his plan. ”

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