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On Tuesday night, the schedule for the 2015 NFL season was finally released. Before that, all we knew were the opponents for every team but we never had the exact dates for the games. You can now mark all the important games on your calendar and you can also find out what team has the easiest 2015 NFL betting schedule. From the information we have at hand currently, the following are the important takeaways from this year’s NFL slate.

The Patriots are loving their schedule

The Patriots, who will be looking to defend the Super Bowl, get to kick off the season at home against the Steelers. Yes, this might appear tough on paper but it actually is a bit easier for the Patriots given that Le’Veon Bell will not be available for the Steelers due to suspension and much of the defense already retired this off season.

It’s a tough season for the Steelers

We can comfortably say that the Steelers have been hit by the hardest schedule this year. They will face the 49ers, and then the Rams followed by the Ravens, Chargers, Cardinals, and Chiefs then the Bengals in that order. There is no easy game there as they will have the Raiders next in line with whom they really don’t have a good record against. By week 11 they will be making a push for the playoffs as week 12 will see them face the Seattle, Colts, Bengals, Broncos then the Ravens.

Thanksgiving gift for Brett Favre

Finally, the Packers get an opportunity to honor Brett as they take on the Bears at home on thanksgiving night. This is just perfect as after waiting for so long, they can at last hold the ceremony they have been longing for.

Boring Week 3

Forget NFL action for week 3; by all means do something else. These are the games we have then; Broncos-Lions, Bills-Dolphins, Eagles-Jets and Patriots-Jaguars. Anything exciting here? Not really.


The Eagles will be interesting to watch

If you are enjoying the offseason Eagles, then the regular season will blow your mind away. They get to face the Cowboys, the Jets then the Washington giving us an exciting first month. In the final weeks of the season, the Eagles will play the Patriots which means that the pundits will have so much to talk about the Eagles throughout the season.

Not a bad schedule for the Falcons

The cumulative winning percentage for Pittsburgh’s opponents last year was .578 while it was .409 for Falcon’s opponents making Atlanta seem to have an easy looking schedule. With the England’s schedule ranked as the 22nd toughest, we surely can’t compare it with an Atlanta’s easy schedule. There is really nothing to keep the Patriots away from the playoffs but the Falcons will have to work harder and the good looking schedule is also a big plus for them.

The worst ever schedule for the Jaguars

First, we all know the famous 6 tough games for the Jaguars against the Titans, Texas, and the two matches against the Colts, then AFC East and NFC South. In addition to this, imagine this home schedule for the Jaguars; Panthers, Dolphins, Texans, Bills, Titans, Chargers, Colts then the Falcons. That will surely be tough.

Other highlights

There are other three things to look forward to. First, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady will battle for the best quarterback honors. Secondly, Mariota and Winston might face each other for the season opener as the Buccaneers and the Titans start off the season by facing each other. Lastly, the Packers will have the chance to replay their NFC playoff games.



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