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Problems with viagra ap_roger_goodell_mt_140911_16x9_992Last season, problems with viagra the NFL suspended the controversial blackout rule that required local television stations to blackout games in their markets that weren’t sold out. Problems with viagra At the time of the announcement, problems with viagra NFL fans weren’t sure if it was going to be temporary or permanent. Problems with viagra Now that the NFL announced that the suspension will continue in the 2016 season, problems with viagra NFL fans can relax and continue their NFL football betting.

Problems with viagra In an article, problems with viagra SportsBusiness Journal’s Daniel Kaplan wrote that NFL owners voted at the annual owner’s meeting to extend the suspension for the upcoming season. Problems with viagra The owners didn’t make a decision to make the suspension permanent, problems with viagra but the suspension of the blackout rule for another year gives NFL fans hope that the blackout rule will eventually be dropped entirely.

Problems with viagra NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters that the league wanted to take another year to review the rule. The commissioner feels that another year will allow owners to make an informed decision on either scrapping the blackout rule entirely or reinstating the rule, problems with viagra which requires all the non-premium seats at a home team’s stadium to be sold 72 hours before kickoff.

Problems with viagra Kaplan noted that there was no blackout in the league during the 2014 season, problems with viagra and two blackouts during the 2013 season. Problems with viagra Last year, problems with viagra after the blackout rule was suspended, problems with viagra attendance only dropped by 0.5 percent. Problems with viagra The slight drop in attendance indicates that NFL fans are still willing to go watch their favorite team play at the stadium even if the team isn’t very good.

Problems with viagra Even if attendance dips further in 2016, problems with viagra it will be hard for the league to bring back the blackout rule without upsetting the fans. Problems with viagra A decision to bring back the rule will also be crucified by the media, problems with viagra who already have the league in their cross hairs due to the concussion and discipline problems the NFL currently face.

Problems with viagra The best option the NFL has in this situation is to announce they will permanently discontinue the blackout rule.

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This post was written by JoeMcDonald on March 29, 2016