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"Meet the old boss. Same as the new boss. " With apologies to The Who, I fear we are seeing much of the same we left off with last year. Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran will not be in the opening day line-up. ?p=559 carlos delgado and his hall of fame type numbers are gone from first base and a a journeyman will open there. Mike Pelfrey ?p=559, John Maine and Oliver Perez are healthy but have had lackluster springs. And unlike previous seasons, we're not sure whom will take the mound in the 8th. It's not hopeful. But let's hope nonetheless. Jason Bay will be in the line-up on opening day as will another new leader in Jeff Franceour. David Wright will not be alone in the middle of the line-up. The [?p=559] two players that have vied for the centerfield job in Angel Pagan and Gary Matthews Jr have been pleasant surprises and one could be dealt to bring back pitching. Maybe the catching will be better and make a difference. Ike Davis, Fernando Martinez and Jennry Mejia look like they will be future All-Stars. The minor league system is not barren afterall and under more effective and positive leadership than was during the Tony Bernazard regime. The Mets are embracing their past. Wally Backman's back. Tim Teufel is the AA manager. They both look like future managers in Flushing. But there's still the start to this season. If the club gets off to a poor start, the Omar and Jerry watch will begin. If it gets bad, the team will play as if they are waiting for someone or more than one to get fired. I don't think ?p=559 that Jeff Wilpon will put everyone through that. He's made it clear that Minaya no longer has his favor. People are already in place to easily step into both positions. Wilpon won't get fooled again and will act quickly and decisively.

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