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has agreed to play Day. Bud Day's home was only blocks from my own and I vividly remember the event the day all of our POW's were released. [?p=609] One long time friend of Day sums it up: Retired Air Force Col. Bob Gates, who called Day one of his best friends, said “it’s about time” for a movie about the man many call the most decorated veteran alive. Gates said he’d like to see all the details of Day’s experience as a prisoner of war — from the ?p=609 torture he suffered to his escape. ?p=609 he said images of pows in vietnam would put a perspective on the debate over treatment of detainees at guantanamo bay. He said Hollywood once portrayed America as a strong and proud country in the days of John Wayne, but is now dominated by “left-wing liberals. ” Still, he thinks whoever makes the movie will “do the right thing. ” “We don’t want a Sean Penn or some people like him — they’ve gotta be on the righteous side, on the best side of America ?p=609, ” Gates said. Luckily it'll be the patriot like Voight.

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