Some of the Best Political Betting Odds

Betting is more popular among people and they like to bet for anything. It is one of the most interesting games which are playing from the ancient days. People can bet for lot of things the reason for betting may be simple or it may be very serious. There is lot of betting are available for people and depends on the mood of the people they will place bets. Many people like to place betting in sports activities where they can earn more amount of money. In homes, school and colleges students will place bet on silly things but in sports betting people will place bet on their favorite sports and they will earn huge amount if they win in the betting.

Most interesting political betting

Not only for sports or silly things many people like to bet of political events. In many countries there is more number of parties are participating in elections and people who are placing bet on particular party and if the party win the election they will get a huge amount. Many people place bet on individual political leader and tell they will lose the election or won the election. And some people like to bet on big political leader who are standing for Prime minister or chief minister election. They will place bet that the leader will become the next prime minister or they will lose the election. This type of betting is between political people and sometime normal people like to place bet on political leaders.

More parties in political will make the betting interesting

In some countries there are only two parties will participate in the election? One is the ruling party and the other is the opposing party. People like to place bet that the opposite party will win the election and there will be change in the country or sometime they will place bet that the ruling party will win in the election and they will continue their ruling. In country like India there is lot of parties and there is lot of confusion for people t o whom they need to vote. And people who are interest in betting can place bet of different parties and how much vote will every party get. It is easy for people to know about the political betting odds .

Many people will follow the leaders and it is easy for them to place betting on leaders that they will win the election. In sometime big leaders it loses the election so anything may happen in election and betting. Not only betting is luck favor game, political also a luck favor game. People who have luck on particular election will win. If they do not have luck they will lose the election. People who are interest in placing bet and like to earn money from betting can choose any type of betting. In political they can place bet on lot of leaders and if luck favors them they can win in the betting and earn more money.



This post was written by JoeMcDonald on April 2, 2015

ACTIVIST WATCH: ANSWERs the leftist bell again by blocking Israeli ship in San Francisco. Same group organized anti-immigration rallies in Arizona and California

ANSWER has never come to the defense of Israeli civilians whom have been butchered by Muslim terrorist. Yet they keep an Israeli ship from docking at a United States harbor.

ANSWER, a Marxist organization many feel are funded by George Soros, orgainized this year’s anti-immigration protests in Arizona and California.

So the same group that organizes and funds illegal immigration protests also does the same for protests against Israel. Americans don’t realize that the opponets of Israel are the same as those whom attempt to subvert our nation through illegal immigration.


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ACTIVIST WATCH: Helping illegals get driver’s licenses

And, no. They’re not supposed to be able to get one.

But Dream Activist, a self described web site that assists “undocumented students”, has done just that. An unnamed activist penned “How I Got My New Mexico Driver’s License.”

Dream Activist is also listed as an affiliate site of AltoArizona and the National Day Labor Organizing Network(NDLON) a site which has several links that provide information on census manipulation.

The organization and number of these groups is astonishing. Their efforts are subversive as they provide instructions to flaunt and break laws.


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ACTIVIST WATCH: ANSWER and it’s Marxist allies fuel this year’s protests in Los Angeles and Phoenix

Intrepid blogger Donald Douglas of American Power waded into dangerous waters yesterday to take photos of yesterday’s protest in Phoenix. One of his photos revealed that a Marxist group, Party for Socialism and Liberation ( were in attendance. Here’s that photo:

The picture reveals that an organization that Douglas refers to as a neocommunist entity ANSWERLA (or more simply, ANSWER)is present, but Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSLWEB.Org) makes no bones about it. While it’s not certain, the stark similarities in print could mean that the placards were back-to-back and that the organizations are run by the same people. Douglas, who’s done yeoman’s work on covering activist activity in the southwest, probably already knows this.

PSL’s has a mission statement. Here’s part of it:

The PSL has been created to be a vehicle for the multinational working class in the struggle for socialism.

Revolutionary Marxism requires a revolutionary party to flourish and develop. Marxism is not an abstract doctrine but rather a guide to action. It must be constantly tested by action and in debate.

Our party seeks to bring together leaders and organizers from the many struggles taking place across the country. The most crucial requirement for membership is the dedication to undertake this most important and most necessary of all tasks — building a new revolutionary workers party in the heart of world imperialism.

The long and corrosive history of slavery and racism in the United States places special demands on the party of the working class. In all our preparation, we strive to build working class unity by putting the struggle against racism as a central priority in the day-to-day work of the Party and the movement, and by affirming in practice Lenin’s principles of the rights of nations to self-determination and revolutionary, working-class internationalism. Only a multinational party can create the unity necessary to defeat the most powerful capitalist class the world has ever seen.

ANSWERLA’s involvement in the recent protest is no secret. It’s web site provides press releases and announcements of boasts of the coordination of meetings between leftist entities in planning these. One such planning meeting was held in Los Angeles to organize for the planned March 20 anti-war protest. Along with PSL the meeting included another Marxists organization that’s affiliated with ANSWERLA in Latino Movement USA. Interestingly ANSWERLA said the Los Angeles chapter of FMLN a leftist group from El Savador was also in attendance at the February 20 meeting. Here’s ANSWERS post regarding the meeting:

“Last Saturday, Feb. 20, a meeting of the March 20 Coalition Planning Committee was held at the headquarters of United Teachers Los Angeles.

In addition to the ANSWER Coalition, the March 20 Planning Committee meeting was attended by representatives and members of Iraq Veterans Against the War, Office of the Americas, National Lawyers Guild, Veterans for Peace, Palestinian American Women’s Association, Military Families Speak Out, March Forward!, Students for Justice in Palestine, Alliance for Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines, Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition, Latino Movement USA, AF3RM, Students Fight Back, Free Palestine Alliance, Kmb – Pro-People Youth, Party for Socialism and Liberation, U.S. Labor Against the War, UTLA, Topanga Peace Alliance, Coalition for Peace and Democracy in Honduras, FMLN-LA, FSLN, CISPES, Muslim Student Association-West, and others.

Student organizers from various campuses also attended, representing UC Irvine, Cerritos College, Cal State Long Beach, UCLA, Cal State Fullerton, Glendale Community College, Cal State Northridge, Pasadena City College, Jefferson High School, Cal State LA, and others.

In addition to those in attendance at the Feb. 20 planning meeting, over 1,500 organizations and individuals have endorsed the March 20 National Anti-War Marches. Click here to add your/your organization’s name to the growing list of endorsers.

People will be coming by bus, van, car, train and plane from across Southern California and the Southwest to be in LA on Saturday, March 20. If you are interested in organizing transportation, click here to fill out the Transportation Form.The March 20 protest in Los Angeles will coincide with the National March on Washington, as well as a regional march in San Francisco.

March 20 is the seventh anniversary of the criminal war of aggression launched against Iraq. The demonstration will demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all U.S. and NATO forces from Afghanistan and Iraq. Instead of war, we will demand funds so that every person can have a job, free and universal health care, decent schools, and affordable housing. We’ll also demand freedom for Palestine and reparations, not occupation, for Haiti.

The March 20 Coalition Planning Committee discussed a scenario for the March 20 action. People will gather at Hollywood and Vine, 12 noon, and march down Hollywood Blvd. for a rally in front of the Kodak Theatre with speakers, music, performers and a dramatic action to illustrate the effects of war on occupied peoples.

Dozens of volunteers have been working diligently everyday to build this important action. Recently, a mailing was sent out to 2,000 people, and volunteers have distributed more than 40,000 flyers in the past 6 weeks. But more help is needed. Find out how to get involved today!

Above is a photo from the meeting. The Placards on the table intended for the March 20 meeting are of the same size and print as this past weekend’s Phoenix immigration activism protest.

So the same organization that organized for an anti-war demonstration in Los Angeles on March 20 is also present and involved in immigration protest in Phoenix at the end of May. ANSWERLA makes no effort to hide their associations with Marxists, radical islamist groups, illegal immigrant activists and shadowy leftist groups. It is in fact serving as a major facilitator of such protests. Equally troubling is the indoctrination of high school students into their protests. ANSWERLA indicates that students from at least 30 high schools took part in the March 20 protest.

Time Magazine’s Joe Klein recently said that Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are guilty of sedition. To Klein, Palin’s rallies and appearnaces at Tea party events are seditious, but these protests are not. Klein furthermore would tell you that Beck, who often reports on the facts of such protests is seditious, while these are not. Even the most apologetic members of the MSM won’t be able to resolve this whopper.

In the end though, leftist entities like ANSWERLA enjoy the blurring of the lines between themselves and other like minded groups. But the fact that they appear at each other’s rallies and planning meetings is evidence on the coordination of shared long term agendas.


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AVTIVIST WATCH: Arizona in pictures

I don’t think that people really have a grasp of just how bad things are in southwestern states like Arizona. You’ll never see any MSM photos in the MSM that illustrate it . Their agenda is alligned with long tem Democrat Party dominance. The writers, bosses and editors of the NY Times, AP, CNN, NBC and CBS just don’t want you to see pictures like these.


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ACTIVIST WATCH: Undocumented students continue to get instructions from Code Pink blogger on how to obtain SSN

Shadowy activist Prernal Lal gives advise to an undocumented student in her blog. Here’s the exchange:

Hopefulundcmntdstd: all i want is one of those Famous SS#, to be able to work legally. PASS THE DREAM ACT NOW!

Prernal Lal: Get put into deportation.
Do a campaign.
Get deferred action, which means a work permit.
That means an SSN and then a driver\’s license.
You would be set.

Here’s my May 10 post on Prernal Lal, Code Pink and Dream Activist


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ACTIVIST WATCH: DreamActivist advances the women are being battered theme becaue of Arizona’a SB 1070

Now posting under the name, “admin” an individual at DreamActivists says that women are being assaulted because of the Arizona bill:

“Organizations in Arizona are reporting that incidences of violence against women are increasing in the wake of SB1070. In addition, the climate of fear is creating a dangerous situation: women are avoiding hospitals and other important social services. They are afraid to report crimes such as domestic violence. Unscrupulous employers have freer reign to exploit and harass immigrant women workers. And now that seeking work is a crime, working women in Arizona risk deportation and separation from their children and families more than ever before.

The draconian SB 1070, even with revisions, has implications for women nationally. Laws like SB1070 are being considered in a dozen states nationally, and policies promoting local law enforcement of immigration policies are already in effect in localities around the country. This is crucial moment to turn the tide on enforcement-based immigration policies and therefore to create a safer climate for immigrant women and all women.”

Leftists organizations like this clearly seek to mislead the public. Violence in Arizona where people of hispanic decent are the victims at the hands on illegal’s is the reason that 70% of the state’s citizens support the measure.


This post was written by bobsikes on May 10, 2010