Boxing Hard Men

Boxing is one of the toughest sports in the business, as well as being one of the most popular sports with Unibet betting fans, and so if you can put together an impressive run of victories then you deserve to be mentioned in this article.

Here are some of the most memorable unbeaten streaks in the toughest sport in the world.

#1 Joe Calzaghe

Joe Calzaghe is a former WBO, IBF, WBC and WBA champion from South Wales who retired in 2009 after successfully defending his world titles on 21 occasions in a career that saw him win 46 out of his 46 fights with 32 coming by way of knockout.

#2 Roberto Duran

Between losses to Esteban De Jesus in 1972 and Sugar Ray Leonard in 1980, Duran won 41 straight fights. Now that’s what we call I good rate of fighting.

#3 Rocky Marciano

Although the critics will say that Rocky Marciano’s opponents weren’t the toughest eggs to crack, people will still point to his 49-0 record as something special, and who are we to disagree?

#4 Floyd Mayweather

The modern day box office hit still has an incredible 44-0 record, and given the toughness of the standards these days that’s no mean feat, but we would all love to see if that record would stand up in a brawl with Manny Pacquiao?

#5 Julio Cesar Chavez

Now here is a man who can fight.

Julio Cesar Chavez was a three-division world champion that ran his record to 87-0 before finally losing out to Pernell Whitaker for the first loss of his career.

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The MSM’ silence on sharia and honor killings

From Betsy’s Page, come two important links regarding our own media’s indefensible silence on honor killings in the western world. Honor killings are part of Islam’s sharia law.

First from Phyllis Chesler:

What is going on here? It seems to me that if something happens, ostensibly for the first time, a newspaper would want to cover it as a “first.” That did not happen. Alright—but if the “first” such event is only the “first” among other subsequent, similar events, both here and in Europe, and the phenomenon seems to be escalating over time, a responsible newspaper should want to cover it as an important problem. That, too, did not happen.

Perhaps no op-ed writer has yet come forward who is able and willing to connect the dots. Not so, not true. For example, recently, I myself tried to interest the four major mainstream media outlets mentioned above in an op-ed piece about my own recent academic findings about how and why honor killings are escalating in the West and how honor killings are not the same as Western domestically violent femicide. All four mainstream media venues turned down my query—and separately, the query of a like-minded colleague.

Right now, there is “breaking news” about three honor killing cases in Canada which is, after all, our next door neighbor, and far closer than Hawaii and Alaska, which are American states. So far, all is quiet on Canada’s southern border.

And Mark Steyn:

The media’s attitude to “honor killings” is not only shameful and dishonors the dead; it’s also part of the reason why America’s newspapers are sliding off the cliff: Their silence on this issue is merely an especially ugly manifestation of how their news instincts have been castrated by political correctness

Barbarism by them. Cowardice by us.

Not Pamela Geller though. In Geller’s Atlas Shrugs, Geller has been unrelenting in here efforts to educate the west on Islam’s twisted tradition. Geller has a montage on her site of many young female victims who have brutally been murdered by members of their own family.

While getting little national media attention, prosecutions do occur. But what about the future?

Two members of the Supreme Court in Anthony Kennedy and Sonya Sotomayor favor utilizing foreign law in cases. President Obama’s nominee, Elena Kagen feels the same way.

Perhaps the left’s desire to see the Constitution as “a living, breathing document” justifies it’s legal scholar’s willingness to apply foreign law or as Kagen says ‘legal cultures” in it’s rulings. While no reasonable person can see any of these three in any way favoring sharia, the mechanism for doing so cannot exist.


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CULTURE: Following a promising young artist

Full disclosure: E.J. Nieves is the son of a teaching colleague. And his sister once was my goalkeeper when I coached our soccer team. E.J. presented his works earlier this month at an art gallery in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and it was well recieved. Take a look at this extremely talented and thought provoking artist.

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