KAGAN WATCH: Blogs react to Kagan deception of abortion

From Daniel Foster at the Corner:

Shannen Coffin details for NRO Elena Kagan’s role as a Clinton adviser in rewriting the science of partial-birth abortion, including her apparent strong-arming of a group of obstetricians into reversing themselves 180-degrees on whether there were cases in which the procedure could save the life of the mother.

The blogosphere is already starting to get the word out — Powerline, Volokh Conspiracy, AmSpec, Gateway Pundit, and Patterico have all written dispatches on the story — but the more important question is whether the Senate Judiciary Committee will confront Kagan with the charges.

Will they?

From attorney KrisAnne Hall:

We cant be distracted by Kagan’s strict stance on following the law,
make no mistake she will follow the law but it will be according to her interpretations
of the law based upon her beliefs. WE MUST KNOW her beliefs.

Hall was the Florida State’s Attorney wom was fired for speaking at Tea Party rallies.

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This post was written by bobsikes on June 30, 2010