SPORTS MEDICINE: NFL urges govenors to adopt concussion law

I agree.

There’s still a disturbing lack of knowledge among coaches, athletes and parents regarding concussions. State laws can often have unintended consequences and hidden costs. While this one will probably have some too, my own frustration over the lack of public awareness about the long term ramifications of concussions makes me tend to feel that this might be a good idea.

Here’s the key points of the state of Washington law:

• Athletes, parents and coaches must be educated about the dangers of concussions each year.

• If a young athlete is suspected of having a concussion, he/she must be removed from a game or practice and not be permitted to return to play.

• A licensed health care professional must clear the young athlete to return to play in the subsequent days or weeks.

Commissioner Goodel is on the front lines as he sees the sad results of former NFL players whom have suffered from numerous concussions that have been improperly managed.


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SPORTSMEDICINE: Tiger may be back sooner than you realize

Tiger Woods revealed yesterday that doctors used a graph from his hamstring to replace his torn ACL. This is a technique that was scoffed at in some circles during the 90’s yet is gaining support. A more widely accepted technique had been to use a slice from the patellar tendon of the involved knee. These worked well, but they took longer as clinicians had to deal with the increased morbidity on the front of the knee. It took longer to get both quad control and range of motion. Using the hamstring causes no such trouble.

Word was that they were using this technique in Europe at one time in their professional soccer populations and they were returning in six months. Woods will receive the finest in rehabilitative care. Do not be surprised if you begin hearing about his imminent return in as early as four months.


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